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My journey into a life of service in health and wellness

My journey into a life of service in health and wellness began in 1996 when I graduated from San Joaquin Valley College Certified in Surgical Technology. I specialized in Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Podiatry, Urology, and Pain management for the last 24 years.

In 1999 after an incredible experience of healing while laying on of hands in prayer and meditation, I was told “ this is who you are” At that moment I knew I had to pursue a path as a Healer.

In 2002 I graduated from Mueller College of Holistic Studies certified in Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy and pre natal massage. I signed up with Young Living Essential oils to add to my new healing practice, and became certified in the Raindrop technique. A beautiful healing applications of essential oils along the spine. This new training stirred up my passion for plant medicine.

I began my Shaman Journey late in the year of 2002 with a trip to New York City to study plant medicine with two amazing Shaman teachers. I was becoming a Shaman adept and was soon a Peruvian Mesa Carrier and learning the medicine ways of the Shaman. I traveled to Peru and South Africa to deepen my healing journey and holistic medicine practice.


Desiring to take my knowledge to the next level, in 2013 I became a Shamanic student at the Four Winds Institute of Energy Medicine where I learned the art of soul retrieval, chakra illumination, negative energy extraction and death rites. My training at the Four winds is on going.

I found the practice of the Death Rites intriguing and familiar, as though somehow I had done this before. This led me to the next level of training as a Sacred Passage Doula through the Conscious Dying Institute in Colorado.

After retiring from Surgery in 2019 as a Certified SurgicalTechnologist for 24 years, I went into training to become a Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique Practitioner. This modality of healing was a beautiful addition to my healing practice, helping clients find healing and wholeness in their journey here on earth.

I am a Practitioner for Genius Biofeedback and use this incredible Healing Frequency Medicine Technology with all of my clients.

I am also a practitioner for Biotics Research Health products and Des Bio Homeopathics to further support my clients healing process.
In person and remote sessions available for energy healing and guided meditations


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