Welcome to my website!

You are more than enough!

Set your heart free to reveal your True Potential. Live a life of freedom where it is safe to be seen and heard. Come home to your heart!

~ Heather

Welcome to my website!

I honor your courage to explore Healing and seek Enlightenment. My greatest joy is manifested by guiding clients to find the beauty and love within. ~ Heather

About Heather

My journey of awakening to my life purpose as a healer of higher consciousness began in 1999 As I was praying and laying on hands over my horse I clearly heard a voice say… this is who you are, in that moment I knew God had called me and set me apart to be a healer. A light worker of angelic proportion in service to humanity and our Creator.



Mueller College of Holistic Study


Four Winds Institute of Energy Medicine


Acupressure through Acupresence by alaya denoyelles


Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Shaman


Quantum Touch Energy Healing


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Past life regression therapy


Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy


Conscious dying Institute end of life doula


Neurocohesion Biofeedback practitioner

My life purpose

My life purpose is manifested by guiding clients to release the hurt and reclaim inner peace, become balanced and empowered. Find the beauty and love within, illuminate old stories and past traumas, and find the gifts and the lessons in these experiences. I offer soul-to-soul coaching through the following services:

– Sacred sound and chakra alignment : Energetic attunement to realign our mind, body, and soul (Available through Zoom and in-person)

 – Neuro cohesion quantum biofeedback : For leaps in consciousness and higher vibrations (Available through Zoom and in-person)

 – Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy : Used for cellular regeneration, pain management, increases circulation, and entrainment for higher vibrational frequencies (Available only in-person)

 – Acupressure with Acupresence : Technique to open blocked channels of energy stemming from illness or trauma, and focuses on releasing stuck love. Includes meditation and attunement (Available through Zoom and in-person)

 – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) Past life regression : Discover what’s holding you back. Let’s go on a journey together! Heal your past self and  bring clarity, wisdom and courage to your present self. Get direct answers from your higher self on relationship issues, physical healing and life purpose (Available through Zoom and in-person)




To make an appointment for soul-to-soul coaching, or if you have any questions, please fill out the form below or TEXT me at 208-818-5618 and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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